Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Presentation Feedback

Red House (Hurdles)
-    Good points and elaboration in warm ups
-    Safety in hurdles missing
-    Could demonstrate the stretches

Blue House (Shot put)
-    Brief introduction helps the class understand what the sport is about
-    Good diagram used for stretches and also explanation of why the stretches are used
-    Could have summarized further the Dos and Don’t’s

Yellow House (High Jump)
-    Good use of diagrams for warm up/stretches
-    Good use of video to show how high jump is conducted

Green House (Discus)
-    Time shown for the warm up is a good gauge for the class to follow
-    Missing subtitles
-    Good in-depth Dos and Don’t’s

Black House (Javelin)
-    Good specific warm ups to javelin
-    Demonstration of stretches are useful

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